Sunday, March 30, 2008

5 Dolla Foot Loooong

I told myself I was going to stop patronizing (shopping at, not condescending) Subway (the restaurant, not the tunnel) a while back when they refused to honor one of THEIR OWN gift cards. After a few minutes of totally unnecessary bargaining, they sent me on my way, turkey sandwich in hand.

One should never have to negotiate for government cheese.

I hadn't been there in some time. Maybe a few weeks. The franchise owners at my local Subway must have noticed that I'd been boycotting their store. And they must have relayed this to the corporate office, cause they've been trying to win me back ever since with their new advertising campaign; a mind-numbing jingle that haunts my dreams.

Since the "5 dollar footlong" campaign launched I've eaten several Subway sandwiches. I don't see the trend ending either; they have this big sign out front that reduces me to Pavlov's dog whenever I walk by. Worst of all, I think they know that I'm powerless to inexpensive, lengthy food. I swear I spotted this sly little grin on the cashier's face last time he rang me up. Shifty bastard.

He definitely knows.


Monica Hamburg said...

I don't even think that qualifies as a "jingle"... It's almost as bad as the songs that come at the end of those daytime credit counseling ads
Care One)

Evan said...

Yeah, you might be right. Still, it's in my head, and it's not going anywhere.

Jenni said...
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Jenni said...

My favorite marketing ads that didn't convince me to buy either product is/was the Bud Light's radio ad: Real Men of Genius, some of which still make me crack up at the worst times, like on a treadmill at the gym,and Emerald Nut's funny take on their initials was quite humorous:

The Subway ad is in MY head as well, but I refuse to play into their mind games. =D

Anonymous said...

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