Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Score One For Decrepit Old People!

John McCain secured the Republican nomination last light with victories in Texas and Ohio. He even had this big sign that said "1191". I'm not sure if that's his age or the year he was born, but either way, he's pushing a millennium.

In other really-old-white-guy news, Larry King attempted to move gracefully on national television. As it turns out, teaching Larry King how to dance is like trying to teach a quadriplegic to walk. He looked like a robot with a short circuit. At one point, when Janet Jackson attempted to pry his stiff, ossified arm from the side of his lifeless body, he mumbled, with a discernible hint of despair, "I'm a struggling Jew" before giving up altogether. If you watch one video for the rest of your life, make it this one:

Interestingly, the feeling I get when I watch Larry King dance is the same feeling I got when John McCain kissed his wife after his victory speech: some things are just not meant for public consumption.


Justin said...

I like how Janet keeps trying to pose King like he's Gumby.

Honestly, before I saw this video, I thought he was operated by a team of puppeteers below the desk on Larry King Live.

Evan said...

Yeah--he looks like the Tin Man when he runs out of oil. Sad day for white dudes.