Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Fist Terrorist Jab

The night Obama secured the Democratic nomination he gave his wife a celebratory fist pound. I assumed the gesture meant something along the lines of "we did it, honey." But I'm no expert. You know who is an expert? Good old Whitey McCluless at Fox News. She declared it a "terrorist fist jab", and all I can say is: Thank God someone's paying attention.

With Obama making all sorts of terrorist fist jabbing motions on live television, it sort of makes you long for the days of Al Gore sucking Tipper's face in front of everybody. Okay, maybe not "long for", but you get where I'm going. A little tongue never hurt anyone.

On a side note, Fox News has yet to mention President Bush's "terrorist chest bump" with the naval cadet at commencement. Maybe tomorrow.


Evan said...

Wow... they're all TERRORISTS!


Monica Hamburg said...

It's always important to trust FOX News. They really have the accuracy thing down pat.