Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ten F@$king Heads!!

You know the economy is about to explode when it takes ten people to explain the problem.


Jenni said...

You do realize none of us want to hear The Truth, right? We want to hear Lies, and Things-Will-Be-Fines. lol.

Whatever happened to the days when that trillion deficit was our biggest problem? And the biggest thing on the news was Monica and Bill?
Man, I miss the 90's.

Evan said...

You and me both. In the 90s all I was responsible for was making it to school on time... or not.

Heather and Rob said...

Actually, it's nine heads and a dude that hung himself in the back room.- See top right box in the photo.

Jenni said...

Would someone please put something into perspective for me? I was watching The Daily Show and the moment of zen was a clip of someone telling us the National Debt Sign has outgrown its sign.

Also, I think from watching The Daily Show I'm slowly coming to realize that no matter who wins the election, we're still pretty screwed.

I miss Backstreet Boys, Pogs, Slap bracelets and Elian Gonzales.

Evan said...

1) Yeah, I noticed the headless guy too. From the looks of it he was on the trading floor. I'm guessing he had to bend over and vomit after watching his entire life go up in flames before his eyes.

2) Man, I never thought I'd say this but... I wish Elian Gonzales mattered right now.

Jenni said...

Me too! The little freaking future communist.