Thursday, October 16, 2008

Guttural Reaction

When asked to detail his economic policy in last night's final debate, McCain said bluntly, "My friends, I know how to fix the economy, I have thirteen cars. I have eight homes. I swallow golden pills that make my... you know what? Just check this out." Then, McCain began to dry heave, muttering something about how it's harder to get the golden egg to come up, than down. As Obama turned to leave, Bob Schieffer pointed out, "You're not a goose, John," to which McCain quickly spouted, "You're damn right I'm not Goose, I'm Maverick."


kk said...

Oh, how did you find this image. You are my hero.

Jenni said...


I can't even comment on that I'm so baffled.

Jenni said...

Oh! Now I know. I saw that you updated via my Dashboard, and I thought "Great! A voice of reason to save my sanity!" and you posted that....and there it went.

Evan said...

It was on BBC today.

Monica Hamburg said...

Why it's the
Lion's Pose from Yoga!
How Maverick of McCain

Anonymous said...

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- David