Monday, February 25, 2008

Fear-Mongering For Dummies

As if being named Barack Hussein Obama weren't bad enough, the Drudge Report picked up this photo of the Democrat frontrunner, dressed as a suicide bomber Somali Elder. The picture, circulated by the Clinton campaign, shows Obama during a visit to Wajir, Kenya (not, contrary to a Fox News report, in a dank Afghani cave.) Obama's campaign manager, David Plouffe, slammed the Clinton campaign for what he called “shameful offensive fear-mongering.”

Maybe I missed something, but since when is shameful offensive fear-mongering frowned upon? And another thing, what kind of name is David Plouffe? Plouffe sounds like one of those stupid words copywriters make up to describe how soft diapers are. Campaign managers need to be tough; they need to fight back. When your opponent releases a photo of you wearing a turban you don't accuse them of fear mongering, you release a photo of them wearing a turban! Jesus. This isn't rocket science.

Obama, you can thank me later. Preferably with a low-stress cabinet position (you know, like Director of FEMA or something.) Oh, and for the general election, here's some fodder:

If McCain nuzzling into Bush's chest like love-starved puppy isn't enough to get a Democrat in office, then I'm afraid nothing is.


Monica Hamburg said...

As usual, hilarious.

You are right about the name "Ploufe". I would have to add something to McCain's "love-starved puppy" look, as he looks like he's also eager be breast fed...

Sadly, I don't think any lobotomy will ever get that image out of my mind.

Monica Hamburg said...

P.S. Am loving the 419 Eater site you sent me - especially:

Evan said...

breast fed.. ha. nice.